Kathy Gerrity – Love, Family, And Success In The Limelight!

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Come with us as we explore the life of Kathy Gerrity, who’s known for being a model, actress, and the beloved wife of famous TV star, Steve Doocy.

Kathy Gerrity is a model and actress, recognized as the wife of Steve Doocy, a prominent TV personality. Formerly hosting a sports show on ESPN, she’s primarily known for her association with Steve Doocy, the anchor of Fox and Friends.

From her early days to her lasting love with Steve, and their successful cookbook writing, Kathy’s life is an interesting tale of doing well, being loved, and having a happy family. Let’s start our journey to learn more about Kathy Gerrity!

Kathy Gerrity – Age, Early Life, And Family Background!

Kathy Gerrity, who is 67 years old, was born on May 24, 1956, in the United States of America. She is a citizen of the United States and is of Caucasian ethnicity.

Although Kathy has often appeared in the media, much of her early life remains undisclosed. When discussing Kathy’s husband, Steve, it’s worth noting that he is the son of JoAnne and James Edward Doocy, who worked as a traveling salesman.

Kathy Gerrity’s Journey – Meeting Husband Steve Doocy!

Kathy Gerrity's Journey
Source: techcompetitor

Kathy Gerrity and her husband, Doocy, initially met while they were both employed at WRC-TV in Washington D.C. After obtaining his B.A., Steve joined NBC’s television station from the University of Kansas in Journalism.

Initially, he worked as a features reporter before becoming the host of House Party with Steve Doocy, NBC’s nationally syndicated program.

Delving into Kathy’s professional pursuits, according to the Washington Post, she also pursued a career in modeling for a period. Additionally, Gerrity hosted a sports show on ESPN for some time.

Steve And Kathy – A Love Story Unfolds!

After dating for several years, Steve proposed to Kathy on Valentine’s Day in 1986. Without hesitation, they decided to tie the knot later that same year, exchanging vows in late June. Since then, they’ve remained steadfastly by each other’s side, offering support through every challenge they faced.

In 2007, the conservative television host penned a book titled ‘The Mr. And Mrs.,’ dedicated lovingly to his wife. Steve expressed his motivation for writing the book in an interview with the Christian Broadcast Network, stating, “Ultimately, I wrote this book because I love my wife.”

Interestingly, before writing the book, both Kathy and Steve joined a dating service to test the strength of their relationship.

Additionally, Steve once devised a “4-H Club” formula to strive to be the best husband he could be. This formula emphasized honesty, handling, humor, and handcuffs, reflecting their commitment to nurturing a strong and enduring bond since the 1980s.

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Kathy Gerrity’s Family – Three Children And Their Births!

Kathy Gerrity is a proud mother of three grown children. Her eldest, Peter Doocy, was born on July 21, 1987, in Washington, D.C., to Kathy and her husband Steve. 

A few years later, they welcomed their second child, Mary G Doocy. Additionally, their third child and second daughter, Sally G Doocy, was born in November 1992.

Kathy Gerrity And Steve Doocy – Bestselling Cookbook Authors!

Kathy Gerrity And Steve Doocy
Source: people

In 2020, Kathy collaborated with her husband on the Happy in a Hurry Cookbook. The book soared to the number one spot on the New York Times Best Seller List, marking a significant achievement. It also earned recognition as one of America’s top cookbooks of the year.

Steve shared that the most cherished family moments occur when they gather around the dinner table to savor a delicious meal together. It was during these moments that the idea for their cookbook was born.

Kathy Gerrity’s Net Worth And Family Residence – Take A Look!

Kathy Gerrity’s fortune stands at $200,000. She resides in her home in Wyckoff, NJ. In addition to her own wealth, her husband boasts an estimated net worth of $11 million. Steve, a prominent television host, reportedly earns an annual salary of $4 million. 

The couple enjoys a comfortable lifestyle, and they have invested wisely over the years. Despite their success, they remain grounded and prioritize family and philanthropy.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is Kathy Gerrity best known for?

Kathy Gerrity is recognized for her roles as a model, actress, and as the wife of prominent TV personality Steve Doocy.

2. How did Kathy Gerrity and Steve Doocy meet?

Kathy and Steve initially met while working at WRC-TV in Washington D.C., where Steve was a features reporter and later became the host of “House Party with Steve Doocy.”

3. What notable achievement did Kathy and Steve accomplish together?

In 2020, Kathy and Steve collaborated on the “Happy in a Hurry Cookbook,” which became a bestseller, topping the New York Times Best Seller List.


In a nutshell

Kathy Gerrity’s life is a fascinating blend of achievement, love, and family. From her modeling and acting career to her enduring relationship with Steve Doocy, she has embraced every chapter with resilience and grace. Their journey as successful cookbook authors and their commitment to their children exemplify the strength of their bond.


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