Shazam PC – Your Musical Journey On Desktop Unleashed!

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Transforming PC into a musical wizard, Shazam on the desktop has been a game-changer in music exploration. Instant song recognition on a computer, making every listening session an adventure. 

If you use a Chromium-based web browser like Google Chrome on your Mac or PC, simply add the Shazam Chrome extension. This extension allows you to recognize songs directly within a browser tab with a click on the Shazam icon.

Let’s learn how Shazam for PC transforms your desktop into a musical haven. Save your favourite tracks without asking around. Discovering new tunes seamlessly without leaving my desk has never been this delightful.

What Is Shazam For PC – Unleashing Musical Magic!

Shazam for PC is a desktop extension of the well-known music recognition service owned by Apple. This application brings the convenience of instant song identification to your computer, allowing users to effortlessly discover and identify songs seamlessly within their desktop environment. 

The ownership by Apple not only signifies a trusted brand but also ensures a smooth and reliable experience, providing users with a seamless integration of music discovery into their daily computer routines.

Why Use Shazam On Your PC – Elevate Your Music Experience! 

Why Use Shazam On Your PC - Elevate Your Music Experience! 
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Utilizing Shazam on your PC introduces unparalleled convenience to your music discovery experience. Whether immersed in work, studying, or simply relaxing, having Shazam on your desktop offers instant song identification without needing to reach for your phone. 

This seamless integration seamlessly incorporates music into your daily computer activities, providing a hassle-free way to explore and enjoy your favourite tunes while using your PC.

How To Download And Install Shazam On PC – Step-by-Step Guide!

  • To download and install Shazam on your PC, follow these simple steps:
  • Visit the official Shazam website.
  • Click on the Shazam logo located under ‘Click to Shazam’ to initiate the download.
  • Follow the provided installation instructions for a seamless and hassle-free setup process.
  • Sign in or create a Shazam account to begin identifying music effortlessly on your PC, and get ready to explore the world of music at your fingertips.

Using Shazam On PC – A Quick Tutorial!

  • Open Shazam on your desktop.
  • Click the “Listen” button to initiate the song identification process.
  • Allow Shazam to identify the song seamlessly.
  • Explore additional details about the identified music.
  • Save your favorite discoveries for later, ensuring you can quickly revisit and enjoy them at your convenience. Shazam on your PC makes music exploration a breeze.

Troubleshooting Common Issues – Encountering Issues!

Troubleshooting Common Issues - Encountering Issues!
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1. Check your internet connection:

Why it matters: Shazam relies on an internet connection to access its vast database and identify songs. A stable connection ensures smooth communication between Shazam and its servers.

How to check:

  • Ensure your Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection is both active and stable for optimal performance.
  • Open a web browser and load a webpage to confirm internet access.
  • If you face connectivity problems, think about restarting your router for a potential solution.

2. Ensure the microphone is working:

Why it matters: Shazam needs access to your computer’s microphone to “listen” and identify the song. If the microphone is not functioning, Shazam won’t be able to capture the audio.

How to check:

  • Test the microphone with another application or recording software on your computer.
  • Check if your computer’s operating system recognizes the microphone. Adjust settings if necessary.
  • Ensure there are no physical issues with the microphone, such as loose connections.

3. Ensure your Shazam app is up-to-date.

Why it matters: Software updates often include bug fixes, performance improvements, and compatibility enhancements. Running an outdated version of Shazam may result in issues already addressed in newer releases.

How to check and update:

  • Open the app store or Shazam’s official website to see the latest version.
  • Follow the instructions to update Shazam to the newest version.
  • Check system requirements to ensure your PC meets the app’s specifications.

What’s New In The PC Version – Elevate Your Shazam Experience! 

What's New In The PC Version - Elevate Your Shazam Experience! 
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1. Enhanced Desktop Optimization:

  • This improvement focuses on refining the overall performance and responsiveness of Shazam on your desktop.
  • Expect a more seamless and efficient user interface, ensuring a smoother experience when using Shazam to identify songs.

2. Quick Access to Recently Identified Songs:

  • With this feature, you can swiftly access a list of songs you’ve recently identified using Shazam.
  • Enjoy the convenience of quick playback and exploration of these recently discovered tunes without searching through your history.

3. Improved Integration with Your Music Library:

  • The PC version of Shazam now offers improved integration with your existing music library on your computer.
  • This means the songs you identify with Shazam seamlessly sync with your music library, creating a more cohesive and organized music collection.

Discovering Alternatives To Shazam – Enhance Music Recognition Experience! 

Music  Recognition ToolKey Features
ShazamInstant song identification.User-friendly interface.Extensive music database.
SoundHoundSong identification through singing or humming.Real-time lyrics display.Hands-free mode.
MusixmatchFocus on song lyrics and translations. Syncs lyrics with music from Spotify, Google Play Music, and YouTube.
CortanaMicrosoft’s digital assistant for song identification through voice commands.Works on Windows 10 and 11.
AudiggleIdentifies audio from various sources, including soundtracks and online videos.Captures background music.
MidomiWeb-based tool for identifying songs by singing or humming.User contributions to the music database.
AHA MusicOnline music recognition service is available as a Chrome extension.Utilizes information from various sources, including Spotify, Deezer, YouTube, and more.
AudioTagOnline service identifying songs from uploaded audio files. Supports various file types and sizes.
Google Assistant Unofficial Desktop ClientAn unofficial client brings Google Assistant’s music recognition features to the desktop.Identifies songs through voice commands.
BixbySamsung’s smart assistant with an official Windows app.Recognizes songs using voice commands.

Frequently Asked Question:

1. Is Shazam available for Windows PC?

Yes, Shazam is available for both Windows and Mac users. Apple’s ownership ensures a reliable experience on desktops.

2. How do I install Shazam on my Windows PC?

To install Shazam on your Windows PC, visit the Shazam website, download the app, and follow the easy installation steps. Sign in or create an account to start using Shazam on your desktop.

3. Can I use Shazam on my PC without an internet connection?

Shazam requires an internet connection for song identification. However, you can save identified songs and explore them later when offline.

4. What are the system requirements for Shazam on a Windows PC?

Shazam is designed to run on standard Windows PC configurations. Ensure your PC meets the minimum system requirements specified on the Shazam website for optimal performance.

5. Can I sync my Shazam data between my PC and mobile devices?

Yes, Shazam offers syncing capabilities. Ensure you are signed in with the same Shazam account across devices to seamlessly access your identified songs and preferences on both your PC and mobile devices.


Elevate your music experience on PC with Shazam. Instant identification, seamless integration, and the joy of discovering songs effortlessly. Upgrade now and let Shazam be your musical companion.

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